Wednesday, 5 September 2018

I see fire

After a much needed break, was time to return to blogging, and just in time for the amazing new gacha by Plastik !
And so, I let the dark fae in me fly for a bit and have some fun ;)

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

Skin: :[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Genera Skin RARE @ Whimsical - One of the rares to get from Plastik's :[P]:- Maliana Fairy Gatcha, a prize fully packed with all sorts of goodies, starting with appliers to system skins for all you old school people, browless version, and even eyebrow shapers.
Please note, all body and face markings are part of the skin, not a tattoo layer !

Hair: adoness : asgardis : greyscale @ Adoness - Yet again, returning to my all time favorite hair, this time rocking the white !

Arte - Eyeliner - Cat Eyes [Catwa] @ Arte

BT:MarbleLip"CATWA" Appliers. @ Boataom - Tinted via catwa hud,original colors are natural

:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Deco Ears RARE @ Whimsical - Another rare from the Plastik gacha, including texture hud for skin, gems and metal, plus, tint option for easy match.

Now for accessories and outfit, everything worn is from Plastik's new gacha at
All separate prizes, forehead tiara, undies, bra, bracelet, arm cuffs, and of course, the gorgeous wings, all pieces including texture change hud for you to color to your liking.
Play this gacha @ Whimsical up until September the 18th !
Below you'll find the names of pieces used :

:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Full Ringset w/HUD
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Lia Long Necklaces
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Fae Bikini ULTRARARE
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Circlet
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Fae Wings RARE
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Wrist Cuffs
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Lia Short Necklaces
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Armlets

[P]:- Maliana Fairy Gatcha Key

Thursday, 26 July 2018


For all you gacha addicts , Epiphany's new round is up and running until the 12th of August, and there you'll find this amazing new gacha by Plastik, full of goodies ! And yes, I am wearing several of them, you'll find the list just below ! The full gacha key you can find at the end of this blog !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Skin Rare @ Epiphany - One of the rares from Plastik's new Blushed Kitsune gacha, packed with appliers both for mesh heads and bodies, system skin and lots more. Browless version also included !

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Body Tattoo Rare @ Epiphany - Applier compatible gorgeous body tattoo

Face makeup:
:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Markings @ Epiphany - Includes two versions, with or without lipstick

:[P]:- Kitsune Decorated Ears Rare @ Epiphany - Extensive color change hud included, allowing you to mix and match to your liking

:[P]:- Kitsune Necklace @ Epiphany - Texture change hud included

:[P]:- Kitsune Sparklecloud @ Epiphany - Why? Because you are absolutely fabulous ,and should sparkle !

:[P]:- Kitsune Marble @ Epiphany - loving this tiny hand held orb, makes me feel like I am holding an entire universe between the tips of my fingers !

Exile:: Outside the Lines 5 Color Naturals pack @ Exile

Eyes: CURELESS[+] Glitter Eyechips / EPIPHANY EXCLUSIVE @ Epiphany - You can grab this using Epiphany reward points !

-SU!- Xylia Square Nails /Occult Set/ (Maitreya) RARE @ Epiphany

10. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Top - {White}
5. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Vest - {White}
17. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Skirt - {White} @ Epiphany

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Gacha Key

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Sakura Dreams

I know, you're all shocked seeing me so light and pastel and stuff but .... the Crystal Heart Festival is open and I couldn't help but indulge my shopping addiction with some amazing new things !
And if I am to be absolutely honest... totally loving this look !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Athari Pastelle Ed.:// Saruni Femme @ The Crystal Heart Festival - Must-have amazing new fantasy skin by Plastik, including pretty much everything you need, from appliers to system skin,brow shaper, mesh eyes and so much more !
I am wearing absolutely no makeup or tats at all, the skin is just so gorgeous, didn't need any !
You can grab it at the festival up until July the 21st, so hop to it !

16.Doe: Hair Raising (twotone) - Monotone @ Doe - Gacha prize

ED. DiamondFlower Pasties @ E-Clipse Design

#17 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Panties - Silver - Maitreya @ Blueberry - Gacha prize

evermore. [floral.regen ~ amputee] ~ sky @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Bauhaus Movement - Let The Beat Drop 32 @ Bauhaus Movement

:[P]:- Athari Pastelle Ed.:// Saruni Femme Promo