Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Daarria's Revenge

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

Plastik's new :[P]:- Satriane Satyr gacha at the December round of Epiphany has everything you need to turn yourself into a kickass fawn !
i myself am wearing several of the pieces, yet it's still just a small part of all the awesomeness you can play for !

Here is all the Plastik goodies I am wearing, you can find all listed pieces at The Epiphany !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Deco Antlers

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Ears - Texture change for skin included, also, optional hair tuff, also color change !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Holly Wreath

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Leather Top RARE - With texture change !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Necklaces Noir - Color change for the gemstone and 3 lengths included !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Satyr Legs RARE - Texture change hud included !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Satyr Skin RARE - Packed with everything you need, starting with system skins, eyebrow shaper, eyes, mesh body appliers and all !

Here's the full gacha key as well, more information and photos on the set you can find at Plastik's Official Blog

Extra stuff I am wearing:

.:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Necros @ Soul

Izzie's - Bloody Lips @ Izzie's

[RA] Enchantress Hair - Grayscale @ RunAway

Pose used :
*!R.O!* Huntress BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Bow & Arrow @ Reve Obscura

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