Saturday, 25 March 2017

When angels cry....

For the ones lost...for the injured...for the ones suffering...for the ones mourning their loved ones...
For each and every broken heart...the angels cry...

This was never meant to be just another blog post, but an outlet for all the piled up emotions ,the anger, the despair and sadness building up with each attack over the past years, and especially the most recent one at London.
I do not live in England,but my SL sister does ,and that, that gives it an extra special spot in my heart. Love you my darling Shari, sending my guardian angels to watch over you in these troubled times ❤

Although,originally did not intend to be *bloggy*, will still give credit to the amazing artists who's creations allowed me to bring out the vision of this image stuck in my head for days.

Hair: *ARGRACE* KOHAKU - Reds @ Argrace
Skin: :[P]:- Kasje SE Skins:// Female @ The Plastik
Dress: LiViD : The Green Witch Doll @ Ostara's Altar - Although a more complexe outfit, with included boots,with hat and basket, for a more witchy look, the dress itself was perfect on it's own for this
Wings:#3 Blueberry - Oakley - Rare - Maitreya - White Wings @ Blueberry

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