Saturday, 26 September 2020

Apocalypse Now


Today I am going to tell you about some of the awesome new stuff from some of my favorite designers!
And we all know, with Halloween quickly approaching, there will be even more on the way to please my dark heart! 😁

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

First, let me tell you about the ears !
.:BoD:. Feronia BoM & Tint Ears @ Necrosis - Exclusive from Beauty of Darkness, you can scoop this up at the event 25% discounted up until October 11th.
It includes 2 versions, if you do not use bake on mesh yet, you get a tintable version to help you match it to your skin, but if you DO use BoM, like I am, there is a version included that will literally take your ear texture and will make them fit instantly like magic !

And second,I'll tell you about the the bodysuit and cap I am absolutely inlove with !
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Rocket Captain @ Engine Room - New by PSYCHO:Byts, available in 6 colors at the event, 25 % discounted for the duration, up until October the 20th (I am wearing the black version), each pack includes a metal change option as well, both for the bodysuit and cap.

Other stuffs I am wearing:

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feral Gerd - Mask @ PSYCHO:Byts - Includes a generous texture hud for you to customize it to your liking.

Eliavah ~ Hawkeye Gloves @ Eliavah

Foxy - Charm Hair (Essential) @ Kustom9 - This new amazeballs hair by Foxy is a must-have interactive, you can wear it down, or put it up in a ponytail in the back ! I know, can't see much of it in my photo, but you can find the full promo of it if you scroll down !

TAOX TaTToo Queen @ Taox

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Rocket Captain Promo

.:BoD:. Feronia BoM & Tint Ears Promo

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feral Gerd - Mask Promo

Foxy - Charm Hair Promo

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Looking for me ?

I heard, heard a whisper,
That you might just be
Looking for me... ?
By all means,
Come and find me,
Lay your eyes on
The last thing you'll see.

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

adoness : bremusa : red @ Adoness - Another favorite of mine, for a full view, you'll find the promo at the end of the blog !

.::WoW Skins::. Avril Catwa applier/BOM @ WoW Skins
Eyebrows used are the IDTTY FACES - CATWA CUSTOM EYEBROWS you can find at Idtty , also includes BoM option!
Skin tone might be slightly different, combined it with the EVERMORE. [ skin.tone - tint/adjust ] - BoM.only, you can find this on MarketPlace for 1L$ only, super helpful to tone down and make myself look more pale !

AG. Aurora Eyes - Void @ AviGlam

Face tat:
DAPPA - Satan Spawn. @ Dappa

TAOX TaTToo Queen @ Taox - Also includes BoM version now, in 3 intensities !

.:BoD:. Vikkilongoria Dress @ Midsummer Enchantment - New from Beauty of Darkness, you can pick this up at the event 25% OFF until July the 26th ! Texture hud included, for options check out the promo picture a bit below !

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feral Gerd - Mask @ Access - Badass mask by PSYCHO:Byts, including a generous texture hud for you to customize it to your liking.
Honestly, this is THE best fitting facemask I ever owned in SL, totally impressed !

\//.VoluptasVirtualis - Ferone Collar - @ Volupta Virtualis

Arm warmers:
A&Y Aglaya Latex Cyber Armwarmers (ADD) - Black @ A&Y

Pose used:
Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 21 @ Bauhaus Movement

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feral Gerd - Mask Promo

.:BoD:. Vikkilongoria Dress Promo

Adoness : bremusa : Promo

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Age of Centaurs

For those of you that don't know, Fantasy Faire has certain challenges for their bloggers, and on of them, is called "My new shiny", so today, I stepped waaaay out of my "normal" and became , that's right, you've guessed it, a centaur !
But it isn't just my mythical alter ego that I've discovered as I was trying to bring to life the image that was stuck in my head, but also an amazing skin creator as well ! As such, for you to fully be able to appreciate the details of this skin, and the badass head gear I am wearing, here is a closeup too !

Worn with Maitreya body (the upper part anyways, details on the centaur below ! ) / Catwa Lilly head

Jinx : Cen-Lightaur - Fantasy Faire Special Edition @ - Fantasy Faire / Heliodor - Super excited about this awesome limited edition centaur body from Jinx, totally made me feel like a Harry Potter character ! The body is bento rigged, and can be worn combined pretty much with any human, teen or tiny avatar, as they have been released in various sizes (Packaged separately) ! Even includes 8 skins for easy customization, and a special RFL color by Cinnamon !
Centaur hud is included with your purchase of course !

Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy Eir Nightshade @ Fantasy Faire / Elemaria - My new shiny ! I am beyond picky when it comes to the skins I wear, but totally taken with the one Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy released at the Faire ! Please keep in mind, this only comes in BoM option!  They do fit my body and head just perfect, and the eyebrows are on point !
Chest tattoo is optional, but included in BoM tattoo layer !
This is a RFL vendor item, proceeds are going to a great cause ! More info on Fantasy Faire and Relay for life HERE !

!TLB - Lyric Eyes @ Fantasy Faire / Autumnium - New by The Little Bat , including a total of 12 colors, not only as appliers, but also system layers and mesh eyes !

-Endless Pain Tattoos- Juniper @ Fantasy Faire / Lamented Fens - Photo doesn't really do it justice, nor shows enough of this kick ass fade-out tat by Endless Pain Tattoos , but for a full view, will include the promo pic below ! Also using the BoM version of this, however, it does include appliers too if you aren't wearing BoM just yet !
Tat available not just in black but also white !

Eye shadow:
:[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Murmur/Nicke @ Petrichor (formerly Plastik)

Eye liner:
Arte - Eyeliner - Cat Eyes [Catwa] @ Arte

Face markings:
w6 lets go to war face tattoos @ W6

.EscalateD. Solaris - Essentials @ EscalateD - Please note, the hair does have streak options, but the green I am using was manually tinted, totally appreciate hair stores that leave their stuff modify so it can be easily customized !


Head dress:
!R! Draconic Diadem @ Fantasy Faire / Auxsentios' Pass - Brand new unrigged head dress by !Reliquary! , easy to fit to any head really. Includes texture change for easy customization, and, really, all I can say, it just looks badass whatever color you decide to rock !
And, if you have some editing/building knowledge, a texture cache is included with the head dress, so you can further work with it, and even make your own custom textures.

[ rD ] - Mythos Set @ Fantasy Faire / Melusina's Depths - Part of a jewelry set by Rise Design, also including a headdress, and texture change in several parts, so you can mix and match to your needs !

Battle axe:
Butanik83 - Annihilator Arm Battle Axe @ Fantasy Faire / Mistakes were made - New by Butanik83, includes texture change, and several positioning for the axe itself for open/closed versions, plus its unrigged and modify, so the bracer part can easily be fitted to your shape.

Moon Elixir - Astrid - Bra - Onyx @ Moon Elixir

Left arm armor:
Moon Elixir - Valhalla - 14 - Lara - Onyx Shoulder Armor
Moon Elixir - Valhalla - 17 - Lara - Onyx Forearm Armor
Both @ Moon Elixir (gacha items)

CKit Falconry Grey Wolf2 @ Fantasy Faire / Agra Adara - Bento animated wolf by CKit Falconry , usable not only  as a companion but also free roaming. Includes 3 shades of fur color, easy name change, and static poses option, making it a breeze to pose and take photos with !
Additionally, also includes food bowl and water bowl in the package.

Now this part was a bit tricky, as a first time centaur but luckily Julala of Jinx (yep, that's my name for her from now on, because she is totally royalty in my eyes) came to my rescue, and generously supplied her Jinx : Leap of Faith Pose HUD for the Centaur to help me out, much thanks for that ! You can of course pick this up at Jinx, some of the poses only animate the centaur body, making it super easy to use any human animation you like for the upper body !
For the full body shot, I've combined the hud with the eTc Poses- laying 11 pose by eTc Poses (yes, I know, doesn't look like laying, magic of the centaur animation hud :D )

Jinx : Cen-Lightaur - Fantasy Faire Special Edition Promo

-Endless Pain Tattoos- Juniper Promo

Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy Eir Nightshade Promo

!R! Draconic Diadem Promo

!TLB - Lyric Eyes Promo

[ rD ] - Mythos Set  Promo

CKit Falconry Grey Wolf2 Promo

Butanik83 - Annihilator Arm Battle Axe Promo