Thursday, 29 March 2018


Okay, so, I am super super SUPER excited for the soon to be open Paranoia event by Ironwood Hills, and to have been chosen to blog for it too !
Not long to wait now, just two more days left, event begins on the first of April, and no, this is not a prank, so get ready !
For those of you that never visited Ironwood Hills before, you absolutely have to, it's open all year long, an excellent place to wander around, snap some pics and just enjoy.
During the Paranoia Event, you'll have the chance to explore the shopping area, AND play a highly interactive game, find clues, solving mysteries, and, when you are all done, there will be lots of prizes awaiting from all the amazing creators participating in this.
To make the wait a little bit easier, here is Ironwood Hills Facebook and Flickr, you'll get previevs for some of the awesomeness being prepared !

Worn with Maitreya body

Misschevious - Tank Girl @ Paranoia Event
Usually not a fan of colored tats, but, absolutely inlove with this one ! Includes appliers for fresh, normal and faded versions, I'll include the promo picture at the end of the blog so you can see all the amazing details for this Misschevious tat !

[CX] 16 The Iron Maiden bra @ CerberusXing (Gacha prize)

Mossu - Dominatrix(8).Panties - Black - Maitreya @ Mossu (Gacha prize)

Kibitz - Gaia Bracelet set - onyx @ Kibitz (Gacha prize)

Chain necklace:
Kaithleen's Gacha - Thunder Necklace Maitreya Silver @ Kaithleen's (Gacha prize)


Kibitz - Night Hallow rings - maitreya bento - onyx @ Kibitz

..::THOR::.. Paranoia Set @ Paranoia Event  (Includes mattress, chair, lamp and drawings)

RO - The Doll Maker - Bloody Mary Doll @ Remarkable Oblivion (gacha prize)

*!R.O!* Morning After BENTO Pose @ Reve Obscura

Misschevious - Tank Girl Promo

..::THOR::.. Paranoia Set Promo

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Written in the water

As you can see, I am having a blast with all the goodies from Bargains on the Bayou and Ostara's Altar ! Both events are going strong, and if you haven't paid them a visit just yet, do it, you'll find not just all kinds of awesomeness, but also gifts and hunt prizes from each participating store !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

!Lumae Catwa - Neoma - T5 @ Ostara's Altar - Don't usually go for the freckled version of skins, but I loved this Lumae one the second I wore it ! Includes appliers for multiple brow colors, clean or freckle versions, and my personal favorite, multiple cleavage enhancement options on the body appliers !
Here's a closeup too so you can take a better look at the face, makeup and the amazing elven ears from Swallow that I just couldn't stop myself from wearing again !
The ears you can grab at the current round of Kustom9

:::Sn@tch Keaton Hair (GOTHS)::: @  Bargains on the Bayou - Playful yet edgy hairstyle from Sn@tch ! Best part is, this hair is also mod, so I could easily tint some streaks into it too !

Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 10 for CATWA @ Just Magnetized

!TLB - Andromeda Eyes@ Ostara's Altar - Includes a total of 14 colors which you can also mix and match as I have ! Full palette of these lovely eyes from The Little Bat at the end of the blog !

Chest tat:
!TLB - Goddess Dermal + Tattoo @ Ostara's Altar - 5L$ hunt prize ! Includes tattoo AND a dermal piercing, with texture change hud !

Eye makeup:
A R T E - Liz Eyeshadow [Catwa] @ Skin Fair

BT:MarbleLip"CATWA" Appliers. @ Skin Fair

Arte - Catwa Applier - Moles & Blush @ Arte

Goth1c0: Astrid Goth Romper - Stars & Moon @  Bargains on the Bayou -Available in several patterns, Goth1c0 thoughtfully included not just mesh body sizes but standard sizing as well for those of you that aren't meshed up just yet !

-BOD- Hells Crosses Gloves @ Beauty of Darkness - Gothy elbow warmers you have to have !

[WitchCraft] Crux necklace  - black -@ Ostara's Altar - Cute triple necklace by Witch)O(Craft, also mod, easily fitted to your body !

Bauhaus Movement - Into the Deep Immerse Yourself 18 @ Bauhaus Movement

Special thank you to the lovely Excalibur Rentals managers from my real estate agency for allowing me to roam one of their available water parcels to take this photo !

Friday, 16 March 2018


This spring promises to be fantastic for the darklings, Ostara's Altar just opened tonight, bringing you gorgeous gothy goods, with a touch of softness, and The Darkness Chamber Fair's Bargains on the Bayou round is due to open on the 17th too !
Not to mention, Plastik has some stunning fantasy skins both for ladies, and guys too, matching nail polishes AND a free gift available at The Liaison Collaborative !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Beryllite Skin [Femme] @ The Liaison Collaborative - The box comes packed with all the appliers you need, plus extra makeup options, and for those of you that did not mesh up just yet, even includes system layers for everything too ! This fantasy skin by Plastik seemed just perfect for a new elven look, I am more than happy, so much so, decided to do a second photo to show you the gorgeous face too !

^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears @ Kustom9 - Ok. So. *SCREAMS* < Basically how I reacted first seeing these ears by Swallow that I just HAD to have, and let me tell you, no regrets whatsoever ! Fully customisable via hud, packed with all sorts of options, these ears are just so damn perfect ❤

A&Y Cyber Ghost hair (Female) @ Bargains on the Bayou - Available starting March 17th, the pack includes a version with metallic tubes as well, an exquisite piece by A&Y you can grab at a discount price during the event !

OVH & Co.Lula Hairbase @ OVH & Co

Az... Wiccan Eyes (APPLIERS) @ Ostara's Altar - Available as mesh eyes, or applier version by AzDesign,both generously discounted, starting MArch the 17th

Eyes makeup:
:[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Oroh/Ryadhe @ Plastik

:[P]:- Nailpolishes - Mirranik @ The Liaison Collaborative - I'll show you a closeup at the bottom of the blog too ! Wearing it on the #EMPIRE - Stiletto Nails - Long , best part, you can mix and match and have a different one on each nail !

BT:MarbleLip"CATWA" Appliers @ Skin Fair

Bra/Panties/Arm and shin guards are all part of the same gacha
[Glitzz] Draconia @ Glitzz

.:BoD:. voodoo Heart Collar @ Bargains on the Bayou - The first ever mesh item from Beauty of Darkness, available starting MArch 17th at a 50% discount ! Collar includes texture change hud for stone, for a detailed view, scroll down for the promo pic !

Lakrya - Maitreya - Elza Bento Mesh Ring & HUD @ Lakrya

Nose ring:
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Nose Chain :: ZORA @ LouLou&Co

[AD] [Hatsukoi] Spring Forest Scene (Red) @ Ostara's Altar - Available in a variety of colors, adult or Pg version for each, you can pick these up at a generous 75% discount at the event ! Pg demo can be tested at the event, for adult version, you'll have to check out Angelic Designs !

[AD] [Mortem] Skulls&Roses Decoration @ Bargains on the Bayou - With texture change menu for roses and candles ! Available starting March 17th at a 50% discount !

{LORE} Pagan Garden Statue - Pentacle (mossy)@ Ostara's Altar - This lovely statue by Lore is available in a variety of designs, including mossy or clean versions.

Poses used:
First photo:
Bauhaus Movement - The Ever Unreached 16@ The Liaison Collaborative

FOXCITY. On Point-7 (Fatpack exclusive) @ Foxcity

:[P]:- Nailpolishes - Mirranik Closeup and full palette

:[P]:- Beryllite Skin [Femme] Promo

.:BoD:. voodoo Heart Collar Promo

[AD] [Hatsukoi] Spring Forest Scene (Red) Promo

[AD] [Mortem] Skulls&Roses Decoration Promo

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Little Darling

The Arcade is officially opened today, promising a lot of awesomeness (if you've seen the shopping guide, you know what I'm talking about, if not, you can check it out here ! ) ... but the one that made me go totally aaawwww are the adorable little mice from the Sweet Meese Gatcha by Plastik , these cuties inspired the whole photo !
I'll include the full gacha add at the end of this blog, they're so damn adorable, I'm sure you'll want to adopt them all ASAP !

:[P]:- Sweet Meese Gatcha @ The Arcade - Many to collect, but here in this photo I am cuddling the following:
-:[P]:- Sweet Mouse [Leaf] (With touch menu, can be changed from white to creme or black)
:[P]:- Sweet Mouse [Sitting]  (With touch menu, can be changed from white to creme or black)
:[P]:- Sweet Mouse [Teacup] RARE ( With touch menu, including a total of 15 colors, matching all the available colors for the shoulder pet version from same gacha

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head
#PUMEC - XENA -  Dead March  - CATWA @ Pumec

:[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Murmur/Nicke @ Plastik

""D!va"" Hair "Giz" (Type B-3) RARE @ D!va

.:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Chameleon @ Soul

*LuLu*Belle_Onyx @ Enchantment - Event *might* already be packed up, but if you give it a few days, you can probably find this at Lulu mainstore !

-BOD- Angelica's Lace Gloves @ Beauty of Darkness - Yes, yes they were named after me *puffs up* and they're seriously awesome ! As always, includes mesh body appliers.

!dM VictorianGothic "Lolita's Lily Crown Set" (BOX #3) RARE @ DeviousMind

Alexia Armband Bracelet Fatpack - adorsy @ Adorsy

(Yummy) Delicate Ring Stacks - Maitreya @ N21

[Atomic] Dysfunctional Collar (Spiked) @ Atomic

FOXCITY. Good Morning-4 @ Foxcity

Photo taken at Angelic Designs' Spring Hangout, displaying products available in-store, but also a perfect place to just hang out, cuddle or dance.

:[P]:- Sweet Meese Gatcha Key

:[P]:- Sweet Meese Gatcha Exclusive - 25 pull reward

-BOD- Angelica's Lace Gloves Promo