Sunday, 26 February 2017

Double Agent

Key of success?
Leave no witnesses of any of your failures *grins*
I had a major major MAJOR crush on this dress from the second I saw the first photo of it, and coincidentally , the same day I managed to get my hands on it, Iconic also decided to have mercy on us and re-release this previously limited edition hair !
Been waiting for this moment for years, never actually thought I'll ever get to own a copy \o/

Worn with Maitreya Lara
Tats: <Nar> Vengeance Tattoos @ <Nar Mattaru> - I admit, this is my current favorite, so wearing it still !
Hair: ICONIC: REBEL @ Iconic - So damn happy she decided to re-release this hair \o/ Mind you,it is flexi hair, no mesh,but I don't care, love it sooooo much !
Skin: [ae] mayumi drow - caramel @ AlterEgo - Mind you, the store sadly closed, you can still find *some* of their stuff on MP... don't think this skin is one of them though,sorry !
Eyes: -SU!- Bleak Eyes MINT @ Suicidal Unborn

Dress : [Cynful] Take Note Set - Black @ Kinky Monthly -Event opens 1st of March ! Dress comes with it's own tie too, but I opted for a different one.
Shoes: Phedora. Morticia Heels @ Phedora - it is no secret, I am a HUGE Phedora fan <3
Gloves: .ARISE. Long Gloves / Black @ .ARISE.

Garter: Phedora. Morticia Harness @ Phedora - did I ever mention, I am a huge Phedora fan? :p
Tie: ..::PD::.. Baby Tie Monochrome @ ..:: Paperdoll's ::.. - picked this up from one of their gacha's at some event eons ago, not sure if they have it in their store
Shirt collar necklace: -SU!- Minerva Chain Collar @ Suicidal Unborn
Rings&Nails: [CX] Hayop (Black) ring and bracelet @ [CerberusXing]

Friday, 17 February 2017

Edge of Sanity

Suddenly,it dawned on me, I've not updated my profile picture in years, and,since I really love this outfit,figured,why not? ;)

Worn with Maitreya Lara
Tats: <Nar> Vengeance Tattoos @ Bodyfy - Current round still open until the 24th of February
Face tat: {FM} Send in the Clown @ Fierce Mild - An awesome free gift, totally love it <3
Hair: asgardis : red @ adoness - Absolutely LOVE this store ,if you are looking for some edgy hair, it is the place to go
Skin: alterego I tera - neutre @ AlterEgo - Inworld store sadly closed, BUT, you can still find a bunch of their stuff on MP

Top: -SU!- Meh Tank Top 13 / wearing the *TORN* version @ [Suicidal Unborn]
Jacket: *CK* Dark bitch @ Crazy Kitty - This is actually part of a full outfit, which you can grab from MP for 100L$ only o.O
Shorts: +PsychoBarbie+ [Laced Shorts] @ +PsychoBarbie+ - This has a hud with different options/writings
Shoes: *CK* Dark bitch @ Crazy Kitty - Part of  the same outfit as the jacket worn here
Socks: -SU!- Thigh High Socks 10 @ [Suicidal Unborn]
Gloves: Kibitz -Morgana gloves - onyx @ Kibitz - Picked these up at some gacha event, no guarantees gacha was moved in store since !

Belt: Guardian Chest & Leg Harness - Black @ Razor
Garter: Morticia Harness @ Phedora
Nails: [CX] Stinger Claws @ [CerberusXing]
Necklace: SANCTUARY NECKLACE -inverted @ Kosh - This might be my most worn piece of jewelry , have at least 30 copies edited to different angles and such, thankfully ,it is modify, made my life SO much easier \o/

Chair&table: [AD] [Monarch] Halloween Table Set (Darkness) @.::[Angelic Designs]::. - Comes with several texture options/regular version also available
Mirror: [AD] [Ravyn] Standing Mirror@.::[Angelic Designs]::. - Yes, candles are part of this, plus has all sorts of color change options&built in animations
Pose:*FN* Sinner Pose @ ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas

Monday, 13 February 2017

Fallen from grace

My friend made this ...well,let's call it a *dress*, for argument's sake...although ..not much fabric to it *grins*..and tossed it at me saying,hey,this looks skimpy enough for you to wear,and of course, she is not thing led to another,and the urge for a new photo hit !

Worn with Maitreya Lara
Tats:T.E.S-24-27 G @ Dream Ink -Seriously,if you never visited this store,you must, I've been a mega fan for many years
Hair:Hair No.22'14 @ (яed)Mint
Skin:alterego I karlie - ash @ AlterEgo - their inworld is sadly closed, but you can still find  a bunch of their awesome skins on MP !

Dress:Get Frocked/MYRNA Strapped Dress - Black @ LOVE INTERRUPTION FAIR
Armstraps:**RE** Cora Harness @ RealEvil Industries
Legstrap&gun::::insanya::: Black Widow - Leg Holster @ :::insanya::: - mad crazy love this store <3
Boots:phedora. Angelica @ Phedora - Yes, these WERE named after me,for reals, since I gave the idea for the design :D Ladies,f you don't own at least one pair of their boots, we can't be friends !

Hat:Radikal Officer Hat @ Goth1c0
Wings:Angelberry - RARE - Wings - Slayer *Maitreya* @ Blueberry -These were at the recent Epiphany round-unsure if the gacha is being moves into the store !