Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Today I've explored Fantasy Faire's gorgeous Kakushi Pasu sim, sponsored by the Sanctuary RP Community .
This amazing oriental themed location hosts the Literary Festival and silent auctions, and if you make your way up to the docked dragon airship, that is where all the DJ parties take place !
More photos of Kakushi Pasu at the end of the blog !
You can find all the info you need on the official Fantasy Faire Website !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: AlterEgo- Maliyah-Petale - Sorry guys , Alterego skins are no longer available :(
Hair: AD - bella dark reds @ Analog Dog
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Raven @ Fantasy Faire/Raven's Perch
Somehow felt I've not done justice to the gorgeous set of tats from Endless Pain Tattoos by showing way too little of it the first time around, absolutely must show you the back part too ! (You can also find it on the previous blog here )
All proceeds for this work of art of a tattoo goes to RFL.

Errr well, let's call it an "outfit" *grins*
#6 Blueberry - Angelberry - RARE - Panties - Slayer *Maitreya* @ Blueberry

Chains: .aisling. Diane Style 2 - Fitted Chestlace @ Aisling - texture change, several metal colors included.
Sword: (FA) UM MFF Longsword @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - Okay, I did play with this and rotated it around for the photo, but make no mistake, the sword IS combat scripted and I WILL cut..... errr ... play nice,....play nice....*grins innocently* ... I mean, it is combat scripted, sheathed version also included. 100% of the proceeds go to RFL.

Bauhaus Movement - Frequency Shift 50 @ Bauhaus Movement

All photos were taken using the [TOR] SUNSET - Brouhatta charme sky preset, all landscape photos are completely unedited, besides a bit of edge shading added to them !

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Demon within

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immunde spiritus, omni satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii..."
Mhmmm nice try, the demon laughed... I am home now....just accept it. Your little chanting is useless she scoffed, and I could feel her grip getting tighter than ever. For now... I am Her and She is I...

So, for those of you that don't know, Fantasy Faire has these awesome challenges each years, not just for official bloggers, but, everyone and anyone that feels like doing a photo, photos that can be submitted to their Flickr pool !
As you might suspect by now, I've decided to do one of these challenges myself !
*My new shiny*, well, let me tell you, I found not one, but three amazing creators fitting my style perfectly, after all the *colored* stuff I wore past couple weeks, returning to my two true loves, black and red, was much needed !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/Catwa fangs
Skin: [NM] - Fantasia - Eclipse - Female @ Fantasy Faire/Egregore - My first shiny !!!! Never tried skins from Nephilim before, but sure will from now on ! In my personal experience, most dark skins lack the necessary detail, always had a hard time finding one I like .... but now I have and loving it ! And to make it even more perfect, you'll find appliers for body and head as well right in the box along with the system skin, both with or without eyebrows, and even cleavage option for the female body !
And...AND ! Guys.... there is a male version of this skin too !
Tats: <Nar> Vengeance Tattoos @ Nar Mattaru - Yes, not the first time these end up on one of my blogs but... can't help it, they're one of my favorite tats! The detail is just amazing, has the ideal amount of coverage, plus has 3 intensities included in the pack, making it work perfectly even on dark skins ❤
Eyes/Lips makeup: Izzie's - Bloody Tears & Lips @ Izzie's - lips and eyes blood drips can be worn separate too, and they come in 3 intensities.
Eyes: [POUT!] Horror Eye collection- CATWA Eye Applier @ Pout - includes a total of 5 eyes, applicable individually on left and right eye.
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA * flames @ Emo-tions - One of my go-to stores when I want hair outside of the "normal", you can find a wide range of wonderful editorial and fantasy hairs, and pretty much every style you can think of.

Dress: [Aleutia] Raini @ Fantasy Faire/The Hill - My second shiny !!! Still unclear how I've missed Aleutia before, not only they have some gorgeous stuff, but many, like this dress I am wearing, comes with a generous texture menu, including a total of 30 colors! *gasps* Absolutely will need to keep my eye on Aleutia from now on ! For a full front view, will include the original promo pic at the end !

Web Necklace: A&A Web Neck collar @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch
Web Collar: A&A Web Cowl @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch
My third double shiny !!! I mean, come on, even the store name fits me, Attitude is an Artform *grins*. Sold separately, both of them have 3 metal colors included, and unrigged,so you can easily adjust to pretty much any mesh or default SL body.
Head dress: -DRD- Dead religion headdress @ DRD - had this for a while now, another awesome DRD piece. Keep in mind, original size is much larger, but, it is mod, easy to fit to your liking !
Nose chain: :Z.S: Chained V4 @ Zombie Suicide - Includes a total of 3 metal and 8 gem colors.
Pasties: [V-Tech]Spiked Pasties @ V-Tech - 10 pasties and 3 spike colors, fitted for  Maitreya and Boi Chest

[Aleutia] Raini Promo for a better view ❤

Male and female promo for the [NM] - Fantasia - Eclipse

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Butterfly Effect

On day two of Fantasy Faire, I'll be exploring the gorgeous Dawn's Promise, with it's scenic views and wonderful stores, the mossy old buildings standing the test of time still, their surroundings adorned with beautiful trees and the ground freckled with delicate flowers, it is easy to get lost here for hours and hours.
For more pics (unedited) of this location, just scroll down  ❤

Wearing with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: :[P]:- Koie Skin (Femme):// RFL Hope @ FantasyFaire/Chaddul Ro - another amazing fantasy skin from Plastik, box includes appliers for head and body alike, with a clean option for the face as well. 100% of the sales for this skin goes to Relay for Life
(The only makeup I am wearing, is the lipstick, everything else is details on the skin,both for face and body)
Lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick Applier HUD (Matte) 2 @ Cosmetic Faire
Eyes: .:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Drogon @ Soul - ok, I cannot possibly rave enough about the eyes at this store, love them soooooo much !!!! ❤
Nail palette: **N** Nebulous Nails @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch - including a total of 5 colors, they work perfectly on short and long nails as well ! (worn on #EMPIRE - Claws Nails - Ultra)
100% of the sales for this goes to Relay for Life
You'll get a closer look at eyes and nails too, just have to scroll down a bit for it !

!dM deviousMind "Datura" **FF2017** @ Fantasy Faire/The Rose - a seductively delicate must have dress, 100% of the sales going to Relay for Life  ❤

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Grasp - Collar @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool- 100% of proceeds going to Relay for Life
Arm cuffs: Bliensen + MaiTai - Grasp - Armbands  (upper arm) @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool
Head dress: Bliensen + MaiTai - Kira - Tiara/Crown @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool - with texture change for fabric and metal parts !
Nose chain: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Nose Chain :: ZORA :: @ Loulou & Co
Rings: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set @ RealEvil Industries - texture change, includes nails as well, all parts have individual hide option.

For full resolution of the collage below, check it out on my Flickr

❤ As promised, extra photos from the amazing Dawn's Promise ❤

Thursday, 20 April 2017

East Winds

The wait is at last over, Fantasy Faire is officially open, eleven wondrous days packed with exploring, concerts, shopping, literary festival, hunts, role playing, art performances and auctions await you !
With a total of fifteen sims to visit, each with it's own theme, as usual, this year's Faire is sure to amaze each and every one of us !
Tonight, we'll be exploring one of my favorites, Ravens Perch, a gorgeous gothic styled sim that felt instantly *home* as I first landed. Strolling down the paths you will discover some amazing stores, wonderful spots for photos, and can even find a cozy little hangout spot on top of one of the towers.
All photos featured in this post were taken at Ravens Perch , with minimal photo editing, location is just so pretty !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Catya head
Will show you a closeup too,just scroll down !
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - OPAL @ Fantasy Faire/San Mora - a wonderfully white skin that pairs perfectly with pretty much any makeup !
Eyes makeup: :[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Smog/Smoke @ Plastik
Lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick Applier HUD (Matte) 2 @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyes: Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Viridian @ Devae
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Beyond Basic Superset @ Dark Passions - Koffin Nails
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Northern wind - Redheads @ Tableau Vivant
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Raven @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch

Dress: {Get Frocked} Leather Corset Gown - Red @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch - the perfect formal dress for all dark souls like myself ❤

Necklace & choker: :[P]:- RFL Faerie Pendant @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - an amazing set with a generous texture menu, fitted for male and female as well ! Closeup just below for a better view !

And,as promised, here are a few extra photos from Ravens Perch ❤

Lure of the Depths

We are mere hours from Fantasy Faire opening, more precisely, at 9 AM SLT today, April the 20th !!!
Only 11 short days to explore all the gorgeousness the Faire has to offer, be it for shopping, taking photos, live music performances, DJ's, roleplay, auctions or just for the amazing sights , there is something for everyone !
Today, I am going to show you some of my absolute favorites the Faire has to offer, and, since I love love LOVE mermaids , one photo was so not enough !
Second photo I played around with  a bit more , for accurate skin shade, scroll back to the closeup, it is just so gorgeously detailed, photo needed minimal editing ❤

Worn with Maitreya mesh body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: .:Soul:. G2 F - Ceredil - Gyouko - [SE FF2017] @ Fantasy Faire - All the details you see, are part of the skin, box comes packed with system skins, and both head and body appliers, including a no brow option for the face as well ! 100% of the proceeds for this amazing skin go to RFL !
Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Violaceous @ Soul - think by now it is no secret, I am absolutely obsessed with the eyes from this store, they are all just soooooooooooooo wickedly awesome !!!
Eyes makeup: :[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Oroh/Ryadhe @ Plastik
Hair: +Spellbound+ Sirena // Chapter II : Sky @ Spellbound

Mermaid: !dM deviousMind "Undine" **LILAC** (BOX FF2017) @ Fantasy Faire - I am absolutely in LOVE with this, it's a perfect mix of fitted mesh and flexi bits, to give it that delicate flow while you swim around ! (Fitted for default avatar, Maitreya and Slink Hourglass)
It includes not just the mermaid tail, but also back fins and the bra part !! 100% of the proceeds for this gorgeousness go to RFL !

Necklace: :[P]:- The Grolda Necklace @ Fantasy Faire - Necklace comes with a generous texture menu, so you can match it to pretty much anything !!
Belt & underboob jewelry : !dM deviousMind "Harpyia" Belt&Bra Ensemble **PURPLE** @ deviousMind - part of a gacha , pairs perfectly with the Undine mermaids ❤
Head dress: .aisling. Calysto Tiara @ Aisling - another amazing piece from Aisling, with texture change menu to mix and match colors !

RACK Poses - Under The Sea @ Rack Poses

Discovered this little corner of mermaid heaven at Pacifique , lovely spot to take photos or just swim around !

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

All the buzz !

Final preparations are made, soon, very soon, the 9th Fantasy Faire will be opening it's magical gateways !
From Thursday, April 20th to Sunday April 30th, emerge yourself in eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, parties with amazing DJ's, auctions, hunts, the literary festival, dance and theater performances, fantasy art, events and roleplaying, as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s hope of a world without cancer.
Slurs will be available on the official Fantasy Faire website on the 20th of April , make sure to check back, plenty to explore for everyone !

Worn with Maitreya body/Maitreya Bento hands/Catwa Catya head
Hair : .Shi x Messiah : Hair / Unisex . Common 2 @ Epiphany / current round
Skin: alterego I lydia - petale @ AlterEgo
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - To Harriet With Love @  DP - Koffin Nails MP - will add the nail palette as well below, for a better look, they are awesome !
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Romantic Butterfly @ -Endless Pain Tattoos- - Now, this is a set I had for a while, BUT , soon will show you their newness for Fantasy Faire as well !

Outfit: Poet's Heart - Insecta - Bumblebee @ Fantasy Faire / Fallen Sands (Landmark will update on website as soon as the Faire is open)
This is one of the six generously donated outfits by Poet's Heart, 100% of the proceeds from all sales going to Relay for Life.
It includes not just the dress, but boots , beanie and wings too, both animated and static versions ❤

Necklace: Home - Relay For Life 2017 - Necklace - @ Fantasy Faire / Mudrana (Landmark will update on website as soon as the Faire is open)
 "Home - Relay For Life 2017 -" is a limited release and was only created for the Fantasy Faire in Second Life, 100% of the proceeds from sales going to Relay for Life as well.

Mistique- Fairy flower seat Lilac
Mistique- Fairy flower seat Pink
Mistique- Fairy flower seat White
All 3 available at Fantasy Faire / Mudrana starting March the 20th !
These gorgeous flowers come not just with solo sits but also couples, plus, they make perfect decorations too !

As promised, the full palette for the DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - To Harriet With Love, plus, the promos for all the awesomeness you can soon scoop up at Fantasy Faire !

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Frankenstein's Daughter

His masterpiece, his pride and joy....
Oh how naive of you ...playing God and doctor...
She knows no mercy, she has no soul...
Now, rest in pieces, good bye, you fool !

Worn with Maitreya body/Maitreya Bento hands/Catwa Catya head
Hair: Magika [03] Stumble @ Magika
Skin: alterego I yvette - ash @ AlterEgo (This tone is no longer available,but they have it in others !)
Mouth blood: -SU!- SickLove @ Suicidal Unborn - you *CAN* pick this up for free if you are in their group !
Stitches: antielle. Beauty Clinic - Cosmetic Replacement - RARE - grabbed this from a gacha a good while ago , not sure if it is still available BUT owner of Cureless shows as creator, no harm in exploring her awesome store and maybe get lucky !

Dress: {Get Frocked} NIAMH Drape Dress - Black @ Dark Side 2 Fashion Fair - delicious mini dress from {Get Frocked} available at the fair until April the 30th, not just in black but also in red !

Scissors: Chemical Princess {Back Stabbed} @ Chemical Princess

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Think Again !

After seeing the gorgeously dark nail appliers pack from Dark Passions , just knew I had to have them so hopped over to Empire to get my nails done ! Put the two together and I was like YAAAAASSSS !!! ❤ Perfect fit ! ❤

Worn with Maitreya Lara/Maitreya Bento Hands/Catwa Catya Head/Catwa Catya Fangs
Skin: alterego I lydia - petale @ AlterEgo - Can still grab these on MP at a ridiculously small price , head applier is included !
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Silent Beauty @ Bodyfy - Another set of gorgeous full body tats by Endless Pain Tattoos for my collection !!! Gotta have them all ! ❤
Eyes makeup/tats: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup "Ink" @ Suicidal Unborn - comes with Catwa applier, including a total of 8 eyeshadow colors, you can also grab a version of this without the face tat at their store.
Hair: adoness : bremusa : red @ Adoness - One of my absolute favorites !!! Best part, the upper side of the hair is not rigged, so you can easily adjust it to fit your head shape ! (You do need minimal editing skills - but the hair is copy, easy to practice if you don't)
Hairbase: Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 10 for CATWA @ Just Magnetized - personally, don't think there is a store with better hair bases than this !
Mesh nails: #EMPIRE - Claws Nails - Ultra @ Empire - Wasn't sure if to credit this under nails or weapons >.> For sure I could go stabby on someone with these *grins* Fitted for Maitreya Bento,Slink Bento and Vista Bento as well, all 3 included in one package AND works with Omega appliers !
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - Black Rain @ Black Fair 2017 - Includes not just this wicked red, but a total of 6 colors + inverted streak option for each, scroll down a bit for a full palette ! Works perfectly on shorter and longer nails alike. MINE !!! ❤
Eyes: Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Emerald @ Devae - Mesh ,system layer AND Omega appliers included alike for these.

Body chain: .aisling. Leona Chestlace Style 3 @  .a i s l i n g. - with texture hud for metal and stone alike
Rings: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set @ Fameshed - Bento fitted for Maitreya & Vista, and it does come with nails included ,with hide option for all, plus a generous texture menu ! (Additionally, you can find a set for the static Maitreya hand in the package as well)
Nipple cover: ED. DiamondFlower Pasties @  E-Clipse - with extensive texture change menu,fitted for not just Maitreya, but also Slink, Slink HG and Belezza
Nose chain: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Nose Chain :: ZORA :: V.1 @ * LOULOU&CO * had these for a while, still my favorite,non rigged yet can still easily fit to work with mesh heads (minus a couple of facial expressions but, just won't use those :p )

*!R.O!* L.A. BENTO pose @ Reve Obscura - technically, you can find this in the male poses section but, ya know, it still works great for ladies too, just add some attitude and drizzle with sass !

And, as promised, here is the preview for the full set of deliciously gothy DP - Koffin Nails - Black Rain nail appliers !

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Darkness falls with silent beauty,
Slithering temptations in pursuit of She,
First of her kind, Mother of all,
Sweet, innocent Eve....
One bite...just one...
And she is lost...
Cast from Eden...lost to Sin...

Worn with Maitreya body/Maitreya Bento hands/Catwa Catya head
Skin: alterego I yvette - ash @ AlterEgo - The ash tone is no longer available, but, you can still grab this skin in several other awesome tones
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Dead and goneV2 @ Skin Fair - Major fan of this tattoo store, had to grab this one too for my collection !
Eye makeup/tats: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup "Ink" @ Suicidal Unborn
Eyes: Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Emerald @ Devae
Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane - Reds @ Argrace - keep in mind, this is an editorial hair, not suitable for everyday wear. It does come with 5 laying poses though, perfect for photos.

Bodysuit: {Get Frocked} Dark Side BodySuit - RARE @ Dark Side 2 Fashion Fair - Rare black bodysuit from one of the two Get Frocked awesome gachas released for this event, you can collect a total of 9 colors from it ! Will inlclude gacha key below, scroll down to check it out !
Gloves: .:Avanti:. Domina Gloves - Black @ Avanti - Omega applier gloves, as such , it works great with bento hands \o/
Boots: [MODA] DOMINA STRAPPED BOOTS @ Kinky Event - Okay. So. I am a huge Moda fan in general, but when I saw these boots, I screamed !!!! It comes with a generous texture hud too, can be matched to pretty much anything !

Neck corset: *:..Silvery K..:*Feather NeckCorset(Black) @ Silvery K
Mask: :moonamore+cureless: L'Innocent Mask /Noir @ CURELESS - part of one of their gachas

As promised, the {Get Frocked} Dark Side BodySuit gacha key ❤

Friday, 7 April 2017

You wish

Got SUPER excited with all the awesomeness happening these past couple days, not only Maitreya released their Bento updated body with a whole set of animations for hands included, but Astralia promptly updated updated not one, but BOTH their gorgeous nail sets to fit the Maitreya bento hand in less than 24 hours !! *Gasps* like seriously ...how wicked is that !!
And of course, as I innocently went over to grab an updated pack this morning...as usual,couldn't leave without picking something else up too, just, too much gorgeousness for me to resist !
The end result is my brand new profile picture ;)

Worn with Maitreya Bento/Catwa Catya head
Skin: alterego I karlie - neutre @ AlterEgo - obviously, could NOT have taken this shot without one of my all time favorite skins !
Hair: Magika [02] Harmony @ Magika
Head dress: Astralia - Twilight Beauty headpiece with HUD @ Astralia - This flowery headpiece has a total of 5 colors included via hud, but please keep in mind, the photo was edited , so do not expect for it to look exactly the same.
Nails: Astralia - Compatible mesh nails system Pack 1 @ Astralia - *squeals* YAAAAS !!! As I mentioned, these were JUST updated to Maitreya Bento this morning, in the same pack you get also Slink Bento and Vista Bento fits too, both for the Stiletto shape I am rocking so damn hard here *grins* and the almond shape.
Pose: FOXCITY. Hypnose (Bento) @ Foxcity - You can pick this up on MP for 1L$ only :o

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The White Queen

I know I already told you about the Filling the Cauldron earlier today, and I will again !
This weeklong celebration of Elicio Ember's artistry has so much to offer , not just amazing creations in their market donated by generous creators ,but also live events , and many many gorgeous auction items as well, including some breathtaking art pieces.
You can find more info, performance schedules and pretty much all you need to know about this fundraising event HERE !

And,since I am absolutely inlove with this delicate gown, and the matching headpiece, both of which you can find at this event, just had to do a closeup too ! ❤

Worn with Slink Physique/Slink Dynamic Hands/Catwa Catya Head
Skin: alterego I cassie - petale @ AlterEgo
Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Nori (worn on Catwa rigged eyes) @ .:Soul:. - did  mention I am obsessed with the eyes from this store .... ?!
Tats: [White~Widow] Allied - Black @ White Widow
Hair: little bones. Lo - The Light @ Little Bones
Eye makeup: :[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Oroh/Ryadhe @ The Plastik - absolutely love these,pretty sure I'll have to go back and pick up the fatpack for these as well !

Gown: Poet's Heart - Taikatalvi - Snow @ Filling the Cauldron - you can find the dress in 6 soft pastel colors ,proceeds for each going 100% to supporting Elicio and his family !

Headdress,pearl armbands and pearl necklace are all part of the same set,matching the gown ,and yes, the tiny snowflakes dancing around me ARE part of the jewelry set !
Poet's Heart - Taikatalvi - Accessory @ Filling the Cauldron - Proceeds also going 100% to charity, thank you for your outstanding generosity ❤
Pendant: EarthStones Beloved Locket - Rose @ EarthStones - had this since forever,still love it ! You can actually add photo into the locket,how cute is that ^_^
Nose chain: Kibitz - Agda nose chain - steel @ Kibitz

Since I wanted a winter setting for this, ended up taking the photo using one of my own builds.
You can find the [AD] [Azzura] Frozen Pond @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

As for the unicorn, had this for many years, no promises they still have it up for sale !
:+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop @ :+:Studio Sidhe:+

Land of many wonders

Filling the Cauldron, a fundraising event to support one of Second Life's most amazing artists, Elicio Ember, opened for public April the 1st and will run until the 9th of the month.
This week-long celebration of Elicio's work features live performances, music, over 20 vendor stalls, an Art Show with the work of supportive artists as well as Elicio's own works, and both silent and live auctions of unique items contributed to the fundraising effort by their creators.
You can find all the info on this event HERE
The event is being hosted by Holly Kai Estate, which is part of Hollywood Real Estate , they've given the park free of charge, special thank you to Nber Medici and MarkTwain White, their touching generosity is truly amazing.
Today's blog will be focusing on some of the breathtaking gardens featuring Elicio's work .
Besides the visual feast, you can also vote for your favorite gardens, which, is a rather hard task, they are all so unique !
More photos below, scroll down,and you'll see what I mean !

Worn with Slink Physique body & Slink Dynamic hands / Catwa Catya head (yeeeeesssss , I stepped into the new century at last,and actually have a mesh head :p )
Skin: alterego I lydia - petale @ AlterEgo
Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Nori @ .:Soul:. (worn on Catwa eyes) - I am absolutely OBSESSED with the eyes from this store, already scooped up several pairs...pretty sure more to come :D
Tats: [PU] Blessed Be @ Pin Up
Hair: Magika - 03 - Fool for Love @ Magika

Outfit: ~LP~ Sweetpea Dress @ Filling the Cauldron - Proceeds go 100% to supporting Elicio and his family through these trying times ! Along with this whimsical dress, you will also get a color hud, so you can mix and match to your liking, plus static pixie wings as well (Wearing different ones for the photo,credit for them below)

Head dress : ~LP~ Sweetpea Floral Crown @ Filling the Cauldron - Proceeds also go 100% to supporting Elicio and his family, the generosity of  ~Ladies' Pleasure~  is absolutely wonderful !
Shoulder jewelry : .aisling. Japel - Shoulders - {RARE} @ .aisling.
Arm jewelry : .aisling. Japel - Arms - {GOLD} @ .aisling.
Wings : -nea- Pixie Wings 0.9 @ MarketPlace - bento wings,with animation & texture change

All photos taken at Filling the Cauldron 's garden design contest area.