Monday, 24 October 2016

Just Look at the Flowers

Common knowledge I am an an avid fan of all things that go bump in the night ,so naturally, just had to pick up a few things from events&stores around this time of the year !
For some Halloween is a holiday, but for many of us,Halloween is a lifestyle ,am I right? ;)

Worn with Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Tats : Excellent @ /////TATTOO MANIA /////
Hair : *NADIA* -RED @ .:EMO-tions..
Skin : Karlie - ash [clarity] @ AlterEgo

Top : ALTAIR* pentagram top .black @ Salem Event
Shorts : =Zenith=Harness pantie (Black) @ Kustom9
Armstraps : **RE** Cora Harness @ .: RealEvil Industries :.

Nails : Stiletto Nails 02 -Maitreya @ [FORMANAILS]
Rings : Hayop (Black) ring and bracelet @ [CerberusXing]
The face chains been in my inventory for a loooong time, they're from -UtopiaH- BUT... don't think the store exists anymore :(

Photo taken at the gorgeously creepy IronWood Hills

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Heart of a Gypsy

                                     "For we did dance and we did sing,
                                       and we did love with every Spring,
                                       as summer heat lit up the lovers field,
                                       no winter snow will ice what we did feel."
                                                                                    Bernard Kennedy

So I went oldschool with this, no mesh body,just the regular SL one :p

Skin: Paris Sunkissed nat @ .::WoW Skins::.

Hair: Jasmin @ CaTwA

Paired with jewelry from **Angelwing** (They were part of the Coin Silks Red outfit)

Dress: Wanderlust (Red & Black) @ [Wishbox]


[AD] [Bohemia] Gypsy Caravan - NEW from Angelic Designs @ The Alchemy (Event runs April 1st to April 20th) - 80% discount for the duration of event

[AD] [Bohemia] Rocking Chairs - NEW from Angelic Designs @ The Alchemy (Event runs April 1st to April 20th) - 80% discount for the duration of event

[AD] [Bohemia] Gypsy Campfire (NOT released yet, will be available in about a week @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

[AD] [Azzura] Spring Pond @  .::[Angelic Designs]::.

[AD] [Bloom] Spring Trees Pack @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

 [AD] [SpringTime] Flower Field Pack @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Blood of the Ancients

Well. If you were expecting anything Eastery .... nope :D
This gorgeous collaboration between BlueBerry and Little Bones was just too delicious to pass up on!


Worn with Maitreya Body/Hands

Skin: Yvette - gen2 [pearle] @  AlterEgo -I know the store is not new, however, I've discovered recently that pretty much all their skins work with my shape, AND they have awesome light/vampish skins, so yay :D Plus they always supply a browless option to each skin as well, super easy to use different ones,add makeups,etc.

Tats: Suicide Biohazard Edition @ -Endless Pain Tattoos-

Hair: little bones. Mint , just released @ Uber - this is what I was talking about earlier !!! The hair has a version fitted to the hood of this dress , and we all know the impossible task of fitting any hair to a hat/hood or anything really-this makes it just so easy ❤

Nails: STILETTO NAILS 02 -MAITREYA HAND @ [FORMANAILS] - Photo just doesn't show how awesome these nails really are, I mean,seriously, they are awesome enough for me to buy them for my slink hands as well !


Dress: Blueberry - Nova @ Uber - BTW, dress can be worn with hood down as well,just saying ;) And of course, in BlueBerry style, they're fitted for all sorts of mesh bodies

Boots: Bomeq @ Phedora - You need to go join their group and buy them from the store- Phedora has 15% off for members on new releases :o Seriously ❤

Gloves: =Zenith=Leather Rock Star Gloves (Black) -Maitreya @ Kustom9 - These gloves are so awesome, they are the very reason WHY I am wearing the Maitreya body with this outfit :D

Collar: Priestress @ +XAnSA+

Necklace: SANCTUARY NECKLACE [inverted] @ Kosh

Face: Yasum*Face Armor* @ Yasum ..... somewhere in a gacha, had it for a long time now :D


[AD] [Bad Moon Rising] Dark Sky Dome @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Feel of spring

Allright ! I am starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing :p
Of course my sissy Shari has been of tremendous help telling me where and how to change stuff around, thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

Worn with Maitreya mesh body
Skin :[P]:- Astrali Skin// Vulpe @ Plastik (Yes, this is totally my favorite skin store)
Hair Editorial \ Upsidedown - Ombre @ Tableau Vivant (it's in one of the gachas upstair,great hair for pics)
Tats T.E.S-24-27 G @ Dream Ink Design (My absolute favorite tattoo,has been even since way before mesh bodies-they do have appliers included with all their stuff now too !)

leather_bikini_with_belts_Black_Hourglass_Maitreya @ United Colors (Now this,this is a versatile set of bikini, can be worn on it's own,but also has leather straps included-you know,for when you feel a bit more kinky :p )

[AD] [Azzura] Spring Pond - just released @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Fuckernator

After years of playing around with photos, at last decided to start a blog.
And what better way than the one with my favorite baseball bat !

Worn with Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Tats Asian Dragon @ Endless Pain
Hair Bremusa @ Adoness
Face Gashed Face Tattoo @ Little Pricks
Skin :[P]:-Astrali Skin:// Vulpe @ The Plastik

Space Warrior // Black Hole // Rare @ Addams (Part of a gacha)
Monk Shoulder Armor (Black) -Maitreya @ Zenith
Gage Gloves - Black & White @ Razor

Bat The Fuckernator @ [The Forge]
Sunglasses Aviator Classic - Petroleum @ [ZOOM]