Sunday, 2 May 2021



Fantasy Faire is halfway through, and if you haven't paid a visit just yet, you absolutely should, so much to see and do, it's insane !
Almost every bit of what I am wearing today, and the decor you see around me is from the amazing merchants of the 2021 Fantasy Faire, one does not just simply skip such a shopping spree 😁

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]: & TRAP - Kalari Vors Skin [F] - Verrys @ Petrichor/The Cerulean Bombora - Relay for Life skin by Petrichor in collaboration with Trap, not only you'll look amazing, but will also contribute to a good cause ! The pack includes soooo much, appliers for a wide variety of bodies, BoM layers to match, some makeup and skin glow options, muscle addons, and even a set of ears. Full promo included at the end of the blog!

:[P]:- Eyes - Galline @ Petrichor/The Cerulean Bombora - Mesh eyes, easily adjustable to any head, with a crazy amount of options, 40 eye colors, applicable to left and right eye individually, and loads of shading, pupil and shine overlay, and texture animation, all with tint glow and gloss options included.  

:: ANTAYA :: Glowing horns "Asura" @ Antaya/Tempest Bay - Unrigged horns by Antaya, easily fitted to any head, including a texture hud with a total of 8 color options !

Face jewels:
[Aleutia] Shuri Tribal Bindi (Silver) @ Aleutia/Scrimshaw Warrens - Another gorgeous RFL item, this time by Aleutia, unrigged and super easy to fit to any head.

.:BoD:. Kraken Bom & Tint ears @ Beauty of Darkness, including both regular/tintable version, and a BoM version, which basically means, it will take the skin tone from your actual skin, making it suuuuuper easy to color match to your head. Tentacles and accessories have color options via hud.

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Grayas Tongue @ Psycho:Byts - A creepy must-have tongue, with built in open mouth animation, several tongue and eye color options via hud, or , if you want to coordinate with your eyes, BoM version also included, this one will take the system layer eyes the avatar is wearing. 

+ Avarice Tail + {Aii & Ego} @ Aii & Ego/Valhalla - Totally loving this tail by Aii & Ego, not only it is bento, but also BoM (As some would say it, it has the boom, and I agree 😂 )
Via hud you can adjust shading, jewelry colors and tattoo options, a soul flame option is included both to wear with the tail, and another for the hand, hand option is visible in the main blog photo.

DOUX - Jenna hairstyle @ Doux

Really loving how the face turned out, as such, for a more detailed view of it, here is a closeup as well !

+ Bellatrix Suit FATPACK + {Aii} @ Aii/Valhalla - Sizzling hot outfit by Aii, wearable as whole or individual pieces if you feel like mixing and matching, including, high collar, bodysuit, pauldrons, sleeves, leg piece and even shoes!

{Acios} Gaia Halo ~Whisper of Death @ Acios/Peaville goes nuts - Wearable back piece by Acios, with built in resizer and hud for bark colors, totaling 10 color options for it.

::Static:: Voidsent Astrolabe {Inferno} @ Static/Somniatoris Arx - I've used it as a decor piece BUT it is in fact wearable, including 2 versions, a back version shown in my photo, and a hand held option, the later is also animated , with added cards, for a full view please scroll down and check out the promo pic for it, totally worth it if you ask me, Static outdone themselves with this !

[CC] Crystal Groundcover Landscaping Set, Obsidian @  Cerridwen's Cauldron/The Wandering Woods  - A set of landscaping rocks by Cerridwen's Cauldron , including 4 different groupings, each in a large and small version. The large option for each grouping has accurate physics shape for collision, as such, it is perfectly usable in areas where you would like to be able to walk over them. 

Floor aura:
[.fn] Astral Portal V1.0 @ Fantastical Notion/Ostara - A glowy animated decor piece by Fantastical Notion that just seemed to fit in perfectly with the photo I wanted to take ! Fully mod so you can tint it to your liking. And since you can only see some of it, scroll down for a full view on the promo pic !

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Grayas Tongue Promo

:: ANTAYA :: Glowing horns "Asura" Promo

+ Avarice Tail + {Aii & Ego} Promo

[.fn] Astral Portal Promo

+ Bellatrix Suit FATPACK + {Aii} Promo

:[P]:- Eyes - Galline Promo

.:BoD:. Kraken Bom & Tint ears Promo

:[P]: & TRAP - Kalari Vors Skin [F] - Verrys Promo

::Static:: Voidsent Astrolabe Promo

{Acios} Gaia Halo ~Whisper of Death Promo