Friday, 28 December 2018

Naughty gift

The year is nearly at it's turning point, but plenty time left for some last minute shopping before this year's Winter's Hollow closes it's frosty gates !

Special thank you to my fiancee for letting me "use" him for this photo, although, quite sure he enjoyed the view :p

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

-Endless Pain Tattoos- Winter Wolf @ Winter's Hollow - Another exquisite piece by Endless Pain Tattoos, this time for upper body only, including mesh body appliers of course.

Magika - Fool for Love @ Magika

Oubliette- Crimson Portia Skirt @ Winter's Hollow - Mesh body fitted and available in a total of eight color variations, you can pic up this long skirt by Oubliette at the event  up until the year's end !

\//.VoluptasVirtualis - Ferone Collar - @ Voluptas Virtualis _Includes texture change hud, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry !

Waist chain:
[CX] Mucronate Chains - Onyx @ CerberusXing - You can only see about half of it sticking out from under the skirt, but do check it out, has more to it too !

**RE** Dark Queen Bracelets @ RealEvil Industries

[AD] [Silent Night] Christmas Tree (Red)@ Angelic Designs

[AD] [Warmth of You] Christmas Fireplace (Darkness)@ Angelic Designs

[AD] Royale] Cuddle Couch (Dark) @ Angelic Designs

DRD - Voodoo Shoppe - Divider @ Death Row Designs

The table is the DRD GG - Black Widow Tea Table, an old group gift from DRD

FOXCITY. Highlights VOL2-7m @ Foxcity

-Endless Pain Tattoos- Winter Wolf Promo

Oubliette - Portia Skirts Promo

[AD] Royale] Cuddle Couch (Dark) Promo

[AD] [Warmth of You] Christmas Fireplace (Darkness) Promo

[AD] [Silent Night] Christmas Tree (Red) Promo

Monday, 17 December 2018

Solstice Blessings

Although Halloween is long gone, December brings many great things for us dark souls as well !
PsychoByts has an adorable new dress out, Adoness treats us to a new hair, and Winter's Hollow spoils us with all our Yule needs !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head / .:E.A:.Studio Ears Thauron

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Leafrenne @ Plastik - Another gorgeous skin from the new Elvenne line, including all that you need, starting with appliers to system layers, mesh eyes and tons of other goodies !
Full color palette of this skin line at the end of the blog !

adoness : vonks : red @ Winter's Hollow - Available in several color packs, each also including an extra tint hud for you to get just the right shade, Adoness provides us with yet another adorable edgy style, this time with an optional side lock as well !
(Paired it with the mesh *booN cornrows hairbase, but it can be easily used with an applier hairbase too)

Izzie's - Bloody Lips @ Izzie's

.:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Necros@ Soul

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Aradia Dress @ Tannenbaum 2018 - Available in a total of 10 colors for the skirt, each of these dresses comes with a hud giving you 10 options for the shirt, and 5 metal or harness color options, so you can mix and match to your liking. You can scoop up this cuteness at the event
by .{PSYCHO:Byts}. until December the 22nd !


{RW} Winter Solstice Altar @ Winter's Hollow - Totally loving this table by Roawenwood, it comes with everything as pictured to satisfy your Solstice needs !

[AD] [Silent Night] Gothmas Tree (Red) @ Angelic Designs
Will be on discount alongside with everything else in the Angelic Designs Winter Market , starting December the 19th !

.HG.Honey 4 @ Hello Gorgeous

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Aradia Dress Promo

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Leafrenne 

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme) Skin Line Colors

[AD] [Silent Night] Gothmas Tree (Red) Promo

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Daarria's Revenge

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

Plastik's new :[P]:- Satriane Satyr gacha at the December round of Epiphany has everything you need to turn yourself into a kickass fawn !
i myself am wearing several of the pieces, yet it's still just a small part of all the awesomeness you can play for !

Here is all the Plastik goodies I am wearing, you can find all listed pieces at The Epiphany !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Deco Antlers

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Ears - Texture change for skin included, also, optional hair tuff, also color change !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Holly Wreath

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Leather Top RARE - With texture change !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Necklaces Noir - Color change for the gemstone and 3 lengths included !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Satyr Legs RARE - Texture change hud included !

:[P]:- Satriane Satyr:// Satyr Skin RARE - Packed with everything you need, starting with system skins, eyebrow shaper, eyes, mesh body appliers and all !

Here's the full gacha key as well, more information and photos on the set you can find at Plastik's Official Blog

Extra stuff I am wearing:

.:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Necros @ Soul

Izzie's - Bloody Lips @ Izzie's

[RA] Enchantress Hair - Grayscale @ RunAway

Pose used :
*!R.O!* Huntress BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Bow & Arrow @ Reve Obscura

Monday, 29 October 2018

The Devil's Reject

Halloween is nearly upon us, and you have a mere two days left to not only shop but also finish the interactive game at Ironwood Hills, and collect all the prizes the participating merchants prepared for you !
Few more days left to grab the amazing gifts and shop your little dark heart out at Trick or Treat Lane as well, the gates are closing November 2nd, so don't miss out !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

Face tattoo:
VileCult - Satina @ Trick or Treat Lane - Included in 4 tones, totally loving this tattoo by VileCult ! You'll find both Catwa and Omega appliers in the box.

Lips blood:
. MILA . Bloody Lips @ Spookzilla

Ama. : Growing Within @ Ama

:::Sn@tch Wednesday (GOTHS)::: @ Trick or Treat Lane - A lovely braided style by Sn@atch, totally making me want to rewatch Addams Family !

#PUMEC - XENA -  Dead March  - CATWA SKIN App. @ Pumec

BLOOM - Eye Zombie Collection CATWA Applier @ Bloom

#EMPIRE - Claws Nails - Ultra , with the DP - Koffin Nails - Beyond Basic Superset applier

Avada~ Tyranny of the Devil @ Avada

.miss chelsea. Dian Harness Black @ Uber

Wrist cuff & bindi:
:[P]:- Spidela Queen Gatcha:// Wrist Cuffs Noir
:[P]:- Spidela Queen Gatcha:// Bindi Noir
You can find both @ Epiphany , part of Plastik's new Spidela Queen Gatcha , both wrist cuff and bindi including a gemstone color hud.
Full gacha key is included at the bottom of the blog !

Creepy hand:
C L A Vv. Evil Hand (Iron Wood Prize) @ Ironwood Hills - Hurry, you have to solve the mystery to be able to claim this amazingly creepy prize by Clavv , included in 5 colors, static and animated versions for each !

Head chain:
Eliavah ~ Nightingale's Restraints [HEADCHAIN BLACK METAL] @ Eliavah

Nova -- Soceress Set -- Silver @ Nova

Hands halo:
02_{-Maru Kado-} Halo-Torii Black @ Maru Kado

Pose & candle props:
-Extra- Witching Hour [Black Candles] @ Trick or Treat Lane - Great pose and prop by Extra, just in time for Halloween and all our witching needs ;)

:[P]:- Spidela Queen Gatcha Key

VileCult - Satina Promo

Monday, 22 October 2018

Hell's Kitchen

This October, Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. cooked up a delicious dinner for us, because, well,  monsters deserve a feast too !
And to make it even better, you can scoop out a bloody waitress dress, tentacle hat, demon wings  and roller skates from the same gacha !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head / .:E.A:.Studio Ears Thauron

:[P]:- Spidela Queen Gatcha:// Skin RARE @ Epiphany - Yet again, Plastik outdone themselves with their new Spidela Queen Gatcha, filled with awesomeness, from jewelry to boots, full outfit, and this amazing dark skin, adorned by ever so delicate spiderwebs. Box includes system skins,brow shape, all the appliers one could need, and so much more.
Full key can be found at the end of this blog.

adoness : ares : red @ Adoness - The hair everyone talks about ! Each color pack includes several textures, a tint hud, and, of course, a texture hud for the tiny gemstones on the sides.

AG. Malefic Gacha - Eyes - Catwa - 10 @ Epiphany - part of the AG. Malefic Gacha by Avi-Glam

And to better see the amazing details on skin, hair and eyes, here's a closeup for you too !

10 Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner dress raspberry @ Epiphany - One of the goodies from the Mosterize Dinner Gacha you need !
Full key, VIP reward and exclusive can be found at the end of this blog.

RARE Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner roller skate @ Epiphany - Pairs perfectly with any of the dresses, with the help of the customization hud included, allowig you to mix and match colors to your liking.

From the Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner Gacha @ Epiphany
21 Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner tray
20 Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Coffee Cup Rat Logo
19 Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner brain milkshake
18 Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Patricio Rat
Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  delicious soup - Vip Reward - You can get this by spending a minimum of 1000L$ playing this gacha
Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. pizza tray -Exclusive - You can get this with 25 Epiphany points, obtainable by turning in gacha prizes for points.

-DRD- The Reanimator Gacha @ Ironwood Hills - If you ever wished to have your own mad scientist lab, this is your opportunity ! Including the items listed below, and much more, Death Row Designs excels yet again with their new gacha, available at Ironwood Hills 'til the end of October.
Full key can be found at the end of this blog.
16 - DRD - The Reanimator - Work In Progress
18 - DRD - The Reanimator - Beakers and Bottles
15 - DRD - The Reanimator - Book Cluster
12 - DRD - The Reanimator - Brain

Bauhaus Movement - Hearts Burst Into Fire 11 @ Bauhaus Movement

 :[P]:- Spidela Queen Gatcha Key

adoness : ares : Promo

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner Key

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner VIP Reward

Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mosterize dinner Exclusive

-DRD- The Reanimator Gacha Key

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Mad Science

Two pinches of insanity...a dash of madness ...perhaps an ear or two, and a dead rat...why not ?

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:-Immortalia Skin-Female:// Vergil @ Plastik - This skin line has been out a while, yet still amongst my all time favorites. You have a bunch of tones to pick from, each including appliers both for mesh bodies and heads, system skin and so much more !

adoness : celaneo : red @ Salem - Gorgeous side shaved new hair by Adoness, event open until October 31st, go and grab it, you know you want to !

Stitches & eyes:
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Madness Exorcism Set  - Hunt Prize @ Ironwood Hills - Creepy awesomeness by .{PSYCHO:Byts}. , one of the prizes you can collect after solving the mystery surrounding Ironwood Hills this October ! Includes also horns,not shown in photo. Both the stitches and eyes are applier compatible.

Arte - Eyeliner - Cat Eyes [Catwa] @ Arte

Lip blood:
/anxiety/ hopeful undertone @ Anxiety

RedFish - Nobody tattoo @ Ironwood Hills - Okay, so, usually I prefer monochrome tats, but this set by RedFish totally rocked my world !

zOOm - Sarah Outfit @ Trick or Treat Lane - This set by zOOm includes not just the dress shown in the picture,but also shoes, gloves, witch hat, and even a flying broom !

Wednesday[+] ~ Halloween Hunt Choker @ Wednesday

Key necklace:
:Z.S: Secrets Necklace @ Zombie Suicide

Ears necklace:
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. ZombieEars  Necklace @ .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - one of the prizes from the .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Zombie Hunter - Gacha - full key at the end of this blog.

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills (You'll find the lab in the upper chamber of the castle)

Using a combination of Bauhaus Movement's The Ever Unreached 42 pose with the Hotdog - Heads or tails rat you can find at Ironwood Hills , granted you solve the puzzle and scoop up all the awesome gifts, since this awesome rat is one of the prizes, including several animations to pose your hands with it !

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Madness Exorcism Set  - Hunt Prize

adoness : celaneo : Promo

RedFish - Nobody tattoo Promo

zOOm - Sarah Outfit Promo

:[P]:-Immortalia Skins Promo

{PSYCHO:Byts}. Zombie Hunter - Gacha Key

Monday, 1 October 2018

Dark Desires

Finally it is Halloween month, and I am super excited about all the dark awesomeness happening around the grid !
Not only Ironwood Hills is officially open, bringing you a dark shopping event and an amazing interactive hunt, with prizes from each merchant at the finish line, but Plastik also has a brand new gacha released at Lootbox and last,but not least, there are edgy new hair releases from Adoness at Hair Fair 2018 !

Photo was taken at the Halloween Unforgiven sim by POW 1% MC

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Unicorn Kinn Gatcha:// Skin LOOTBOX @ LootBox - Yet again, Plastik is killing it with this gacha ! This lootbox includes not only the skin showcased here, but also a tail and a chest jewel !
You'll find the full gacha key at the end of this blog !

adoness : ainia : pink & purple @ Hair Fair 2018 - Noirette Sim - No secret I am a huge Adoness fan, and their new hairs are no exception !


Angel Eyes @ Madame Noir

:[P]:- Unicorn Kinn Gatcha:// Bikini LOOTBOX  @ LootBox - Includes top, bottom, ears and horned circlet, each with their own texture hud !

Wicca's Wardrobe - Bloodshed Gloves (Maitreya) @ Ironwood Hills - Absolutely love these gloves by Wicca's Wardrobe , wearable not just the long version shown in photo, but also elbow length !

N-core SURVIVOR "Black" @ N-Core

Forehead jewel:
:[P]:- Unicorn Kinn Gatcha:// Bindi @ LootBox - Includes texture change hud, both for metal and gems !

crate Lost Souls Coffin @ Ironwood Hills - New release by Crate, perfect for your Halloween decorating needs !
For full view, included the promo picture at the bottom of the blog !

Bauhaus Movement - The Ever Unreached 48 @ Bauhaus Movement

:[P]:- Unicorn Kinn Gacha Key

Adoness : Ainia : Promo

Wicca's Wardrobe - Bloodshed Gloves (Maitreya) Promo

crate Lost Souls Coffin Promo

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

I see fire

After a much needed break, was time to return to blogging, and just in time for the amazing new gacha by Plastik !
And so, I let the dark fae in me fly for a bit and have some fun ;)

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

Skin: :[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Genera Skin RARE @ Whimsical - One of the rares to get from Plastik's :[P]:- Maliana Fairy Gatcha, a prize fully packed with all sorts of goodies, starting with appliers to system skins for all you old school people, browless version, and even eyebrow shapers.
Please note, all body and face markings are part of the skin, not a tattoo layer !

Hair: adoness : asgardis : greyscale @ Adoness - Yet again, returning to my all time favorite hair, this time rocking the white !

Arte - Eyeliner - Cat Eyes [Catwa] @ Arte

BT:MarbleLip"CATWA" Appliers. @ Boataom - Tinted via catwa hud,original colors are natural

:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Deco Ears RARE @ Whimsical - Another rare from the Plastik gacha, including texture hud for skin, gems and metal, plus, tint option for easy match.

Now for accessories and outfit, everything worn is from Plastik's new gacha at
All separate prizes, forehead tiara, undies, bra, bracelet, arm cuffs, and of course, the gorgeous wings, all pieces including texture change hud for you to color to your liking.
Play this gacha @ Whimsical up until September the 18th !
Below you'll find the names of pieces used :

:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Full Ringset w/HUD
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Lia Long Necklaces
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Fae Bikini ULTRARARE
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Circlet
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Fae Wings RARE
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Wrist Cuffs
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Lia Short Necklaces
:[P]:- Maliana Fairy:// Armlets

[P]:- Maliana Fairy Gatcha Key

Thursday, 26 July 2018


For all you gacha addicts , Epiphany's new round is up and running until the 12th of August, and there you'll find this amazing new gacha by Plastik, full of goodies ! And yes, I am wearing several of them, you'll find the list just below ! The full gacha key you can find at the end of this blog !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Skin Rare @ Epiphany - One of the rares from Plastik's new Blushed Kitsune gacha, packed with appliers both for mesh heads and bodies, system skin and lots more. Browless version also included !

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Body Tattoo Rare @ Epiphany - Applier compatible gorgeous body tattoo

Face makeup:
:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Markings @ Epiphany - Includes two versions, with or without lipstick

:[P]:- Kitsune Decorated Ears Rare @ Epiphany - Extensive color change hud included, allowing you to mix and match to your liking

:[P]:- Kitsune Necklace @ Epiphany - Texture change hud included

:[P]:- Kitsune Sparklecloud @ Epiphany - Why? Because you are absolutely fabulous ,and should sparkle !

:[P]:- Kitsune Marble @ Epiphany - loving this tiny hand held orb, makes me feel like I am holding an entire universe between the tips of my fingers !

Exile:: Outside the Lines 5 Color Naturals pack @ Exile

Eyes: CURELESS[+] Glitter Eyechips / EPIPHANY EXCLUSIVE @ Epiphany - You can grab this using Epiphany reward points !

-SU!- Xylia Square Nails /Occult Set/ (Maitreya) RARE @ Epiphany

10. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Top - {White}
5. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Vest - {White}
17. V/. [Nyx]-(Maitreya) - Skirt - {White} @ Epiphany

:[P]:- Blushed Kitsune Gacha Key

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Sakura Dreams

I know, you're all shocked seeing me so light and pastel and stuff but .... the Crystal Heart Festival is open and I couldn't help but indulge my shopping addiction with some amazing new things !
And if I am to be absolutely honest... totally loving this look !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Athari Pastelle Ed.:// Saruni Femme @ The Crystal Heart Festival - Must-have amazing new fantasy skin by Plastik, including pretty much everything you need, from appliers to system skin,brow shaper, mesh eyes and so much more !
I am wearing absolutely no makeup or tats at all, the skin is just so gorgeous, didn't need any !
You can grab it at the festival up until July the 21st, so hop to it !

16.Doe: Hair Raising (twotone) - Monotone @ Doe - Gacha prize

ED. DiamondFlower Pasties @ E-Clipse Design

#17 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Panties - Silver - Maitreya @ Blueberry - Gacha prize

evermore. [floral.regen ~ amputee] ~ sky @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Bauhaus Movement - Let The Beat Drop 32 @ Bauhaus Movement

:[P]:- Athari Pastelle Ed.:// Saruni Femme Promo

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears @ Swallow

:[P]:- Araxxis Gatcha - Albino Skin @ LootBox - One of the rare fantasy skins from Plastik's amazing new gacha available at the event, including head and body appliers for pretty much everything you can think of, system layers, mesh eyes, eyebrow shaper.
Please note, I am wearing no makeup whatsoever besides the eyeliner, everything else is part of the skin.

Az... Shadow Ice (EYES APPLIERS) @ Midsummer Enchantment - Absolutely loving these eyes by AzDesign, available both in mesh or applier version !

Arte - Eyeliner - Cat Eyes [Catwa] @ Arte

adoness : iphito : red @ Adoness - Side shave cute, yet edgy hairstyle . For more detail, check out the closeup below !

Oubliette- Onyx Aurora Dress @ Midsummer Enchantment - An adorable little dress by Oubliette, fitted for mesh bodies.

:[P]:- Araxxis Horns - Malen [Cuffed] @ LootBox - What can I say, I am just loving pretty much all pieces from Plastik's Araxxis gacha, and these horns are no exception ! Fully customisable via hud, so you can easily match to any look.

Face jewels:
:[P]:- Araxxis Face Jewels @ LootBox - Another must-have piece of Plastik's Araxxis gacha available at Lootbox !

Septum ring:
:[P]:- Araxxis Nosering @ LootBox - Part of the #1 Lootbox rare of Plastik's Araxxis gacha, with texture change included !

[Atomic] Dysfunctional Collar (Spiked) @ Atomic

EarthStones Life Eternal Blood Vial - Hers/Garnet @ EarthStones

Bauhaus Movement - Nayana @ Bauhaus Movement

:[P]:- Araxxis Gacha Key

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Red Sparrow

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears @ Swallow

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Shadaren @ Plastik - Another gorgeous skin from the new Elvenne line, including all that you need, starting with appliers to system layers, mesh eyes and tons of other goodies !

adoness : valasca 2.0 : red @ Midsummer Enchantment - Yet another edgy awesomeness from Adoness, available at the event in various color packs, each including several tones AND a tint hud, so you can get that perfect shade for your hair that you always dreamed of !

For the hairbase, I am using the mesh *booN cornrows hairbase combined with the Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 10 for CATWA applier.

Body blood:
Nightmare :: Damaged Tattoo @ Damaged MP

Scraped knees:
-SU!- Bloody Knees 01 @ Suicidal Unborn

Mouth blood:
[POUT!] Vampirism - Multi Appliers @ Pout

Face tattoo:
Mark of the Damned +Fallen Gods Inc. @ Redeux - If you hurry, you can grab this badass face tattoo by Fallen Gods at the event at a ridiculously low price !

{ViSion} - Lingerie Xara - Black @ Vision

Ama. : Pentacle Arm Cuffs [Maitreya Exp] @ Ama

[CX] Aeshma's Reign (Black) @ CerberusXing

Decor used:
[AD] [Anguish] Hostage Prop @ Angelic Designs

[AD] [Psycho] Asylum Scene @ Angelic Designs

Bauhaus Movement -  Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 22 @ Bauhaus Movement

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Shadaren Closeup

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Color Palette

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Alice Unchained

Tic Toc ! yelled the clock as it started spinning backwards...
....but Alice, oh, Alice could not hear anything more, except the blood rush...
... and the hunger screaming in her head...
...she just smiled as she attacked ...
"Off with the Red Queen's head ! "

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Lilly head

:[P]:- Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Alabarus @ Plastik - Okay so !!!! My all time favorite skin creator released this amazing new line of skins in no less than 94 different tones, and I am SCREAMING !!!! And guys, all these are also available in a male version as well ! Each pack comes with all the appliers you need, system layers, extra makeup add-ons, brow shaper, and even mesh eyes !

:[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Smog/Smoke @ Plastik - pairs brilliantly with the new skins !

Lips blood:
Izzie's - Bloody Tears & Lips @ Izzie's

Az... Shadow Green (EYES APPLIERS) @ Suicide Dollz

Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie and Unseelie hair - Nat II RARE @ Tableau Vivant

[H] For Wakanda Full Body Tattoo @ Hoodlem MP

:[P]:- Dragoness Maitreya Finger Claws @ Plastik - Part of the :[P]:- Dragoness Gatcha , you can find a closeup on one of my previous blogs HERE !

.:BoD:. Gothic Wonderland Bodysuit @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Brand new release from Beauty of Darkness, fitted for mesh bodies , AND has a texture change hud included ! For more details, check out the promo pic at the end of the blog !

Arm warmers:
*:..Silvery K..:*Soiree(gloves_Black) @ Silvery K

\//.VoluptasVirtualis - Ferone Collar @ Voluptas Virtualis

[AD] [Dark Alice] Giant Deco Pocketwatch @ The Darkness Chamber Fair -  Animated minute and hour hands, available half off during the fair , by Angelic Designs !

Bauhaus Movement - The Ever Unreached 16 @ Bauhaus Movement

The :[P]:- Elvenne Skins preview

.:BoD:. Gothic Wonderland Bodysuit promo

[AD] [Dark Alice] Giant Deco Pocketwatch Promo