Tuesday, 14 March 2017

If the crown fits...

To quote a certain someone ... hate to see her leave but,love to watch her go ...
Not to worry though....I am not going anywhere,except just over to that gorgeous chair ,to claim my rightful crown ! *grins*

Worn with Maitreya
Skin:[P]:- Caramia Skins:// Female @ The Plastik - picked this up on the last 50L$ fridays for like...yeah, 50 L$ !!!! But even if you missed this amazing deal, their skins are still worth every penny,full price or not !
Tats:-Endless Pain Tattoos- Dead and gone @ The Skin Fair - This set of tats was pretty much the entire reason I went to the fair <3 MINE !!!

Top:Asteria "Aura" [Maitreya/Belleza] Cage Top - Black @ Whore Couture
Bottom:Asteria "Adel" [Maitreya/Belleza] Panties - Black @ Cosmopolitan
Gloves:Sweet Thing. Madame Laveau Gloves - Black (Maitreya) @ Sweet Thing. - was from a gacha, no promises they have it in the store still !
Boots: Legal Insanity - Aria black boots @ Whore Couture

CURELESS [+] Red Queen's Realm / Cheshire's Shawl / BLACK @ The Arcade

~CM~Know Your Role Chair-Queen Bitch RARE @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - The second I saw this chair, just, had to have it ! You can picks this up from Insanity at the fair,and while at it, collect them all from their gacha, they're all awesome !

(Everything else is one of my random builds)

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