Saturday, 7 October 2017

Sweet dreams are made of this

Roaming through the recently opened Black Fair, ran into this gorgeous set of furniture from DictatorShop , and I just knew I HAD to showcase this ❤
Many thanks for generously providing the review copies, much appreciated !
(Link to the fair to follow in credits)

Worn with Maitreya mesh body/Catwa Catya head

And here is a closeup, so you can better see this RAWR hair I am wearing, and of course the makeup and amazing drow skin !

7 Deadly s[K]ins - AMIE omega FACE&BODY DUST @ 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Told you in previous blog, and I will tell you again ! A fabulous store hunt is happening at 7 Deadly s{K}ins up until the 1st of October that you just HAVE to check out ! And guys, good news, there are not only female prizes, but male as well \ 🐼 /  (The hunt is for group only, join price is at 225 L$ )
Or, if you don't like hunting for prizes, you can also buy these amazing drow skins released just for this occasion.

adoness : loki : red @ Adoness - Another deliciously messy half shaved hairstyle from Adoness you should absolutely own ! Recently updated with more texture options for each pack, plus, includes a tint hud, to easily allow you getting that perfect shade you've always wanted !

Eyes makeup:
Using a double one actually!
Base layer: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup "Ink" @ Suicidal Unborn
Eyeliner: Arte - Stylish Liner [Catwa, Eyeliner, Bento] @ Arte

Another great combo !
Base lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick Applier HUD (Matte) 2 @ Mons
Lip gloss: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Lip Service Appliers @ Shiny Stuffs

DREAM INK DESIGN-T.E.S-24-6 G @ Dream Ink

Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Emerald @ Devae

UC_Spike_corset_black @ United Colors - It's been a while since I bought this, and, to no surprise, somehow managed to lose it in my vast inventory, just to rediscover this work of art last night !
Spikes, chains and gemstones do come with color change option, you can play around with it to your liking !

UC_Ula_black_harness @ United Colors - The pack does contain an upper body harness as well, not shown in this photo

-BOD- Surrender Gloves @ Beauty of Darkness - Time and time again, find myself returning to one of the awesome pair of applier gloves from this store, they just work so well, plus, can easily wear rings over them too, without them cutting into the gloves like it would do with mesh ones !

>.H.C.< NATASHA XTREM @ Hyperion Creation

Neck corset:
*:..Silvery K..:*Feather NeckCorset(Black) @ Silvery K

TABOU. Crown of the night @ Tabou

Violent Seduction - Erebus Pauldrons (Black) @ Violent Seduction - Part of a gacha I've picked up along my many shopping travels in SL.

Chair: [Ds] The Regal Throne - Hetero Couple @ Black Fair 2017
Footstool: [Ds] Regal OMNI Bondage Stool @ Black Fair 2017
You can find both of these exquisite piece of furniture at the fair , in Solo and Adult couples versions as well.
Each includes a total of eight fabric and five metal color options, so you can easily mix and match to your heart's desire !
And, of course, they come filled with animations, male or female poses for the single sitter one, but if you opt for the adult version, you'll also find a wide range of couples animations, from cuddles to femdom, maledom and even couples dances.
For the photos, decided to use static poses,instead of the lovely built in animated ones, to avoid my avi fidgeting around.

First photo: Bauhaus Movement -  What Lies
Second photo: Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 36
You can find them both, and much more @ Bauhaus Movement

Below, you can see the detailed ad for the chair and stool, including also sample colors !

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